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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Moral dilemma

Well I found the mother lode the other day, $37 in one hit right there on the sidewalk. However my conscience would not allow me to take it. It was in a wallet outside a bodega, I felt it did not qualify as a find, as the dropper would most definitely have picked it up if they had been aware that it had fallen. This money was not "abandoned" it was genuinely lost. I looked in the wallet for I.D. but there was none, so my only course of action was to leave it with the proprietor of the bodega with my name an address and hope the owner stopped by to claim it.

In the plus column since the last post Mrs. Sidewalker found two dimes under a bench by the river (40° 45' 10.44"N, 74° 01' 23.93"W) I found a dime also, walking home from work today(40° 45' 54.33"N, 74° 01' 33.58"W) .

Meanwhile back at Cafe Cash I have found 3 pennies over the course of the last week or so. It is so easy finding money at this location it is like shooting fish in a barrel! (40° 43' 08.75"N, 74° 02' 05.71"W)

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current Balance: $1.29
-Interest Earned (lifetime): $0.00
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