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Monday, November 2, 2009

All Tweaked Out, Help Wanted!

By now you should be well aware that I'm not the most technically proficient human on the planet. So the following story should come as no surprise to you.

You will notice the blog has a slightly different look to it today. This is the result of me tweaking with the blog template yesterday, and after a bizarre series of miss-clicks (by me) the situation snowballed! Not to worry I have a back up of the template saved, right? Er, no. Back ups are (were) for sissies.

I've been contemplating changing the look of the blog for sometime, I just didn't know that time was yesterday! My options were to spend hours reconstructing my old template only to change it in a month or two, or to stride boldly into the unknown. So off I went.

I have managed to export all the posts, links and comments from here to the new address of the 'virtual' Castle Sidewalker which is below:

I don't know how this will workout with my followers (come on Dad, you can figure it out!), I hope it is not too much trouble and if you could bookmark the new place and come join us there that would be fantastic. If you get lost in the move, it has been a pleasure to sidewalk with you and may all your sidewalks be littered with coins...

If you make it to the new place, I'll see you there. It's not the finished article yet, due to the haste of the move, but we're getting there!

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $24.28
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