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Monday, June 8, 2009

Opposable opinions on generations

Recently I have been wondering why there is so much change lying on the floor. I thought maybe the pool of potential picker-uppers has been diminishing. Which led me to come up with this theory, it is a little tenuous so try to stay with me and hear me out!

I came across a study that concluded if you push a doorbell with your index finger you are over 30 years old, and if you push a doorbell with your thumb you are under 30 years old. The rationale behind this comes from the proliferation of texting devices that are now part of our every day lives. The under 30's have grown up with these devices and are very comfortable texting with their thumbs and can probably text the full works of Shakespeare on a cell phone in a single morning. The over 30's used pen and paper for letters to communicate over long distances and in the extreme circumstances that they had to make a phone call when they were out, the hunt was on for a phone box (usually found in a pub back in the day), that had a rotary dialer perfect for the index finger.

So this is the tenuous bit. The under 30's have lost control of their index fingers, so if they were to pick up a penny they would have to bend down and use two thumbs, thus looking very stupid and also taking much longer. This my friends is one reason why there is more change on the sidewalk, the under 30's just can't pick it up and maintain their cool at the same time!

So if you want to have a bit of fun next time you are out, ask your group of friends how they would ring a doorbell, then confidently tell them how old they are.

Are you an Indexy or a Thumby?

The full story without the Sidewalker bias can be read here

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