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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

European Expedition?

I'm happy to announce that the quarantine has been lifted at Castle Sidewalker and we are all feeling much better. During our down time it gave me a chance to surf the internet, where I came across this treasure hunting article from a UK publication called the Daily Mail.

It is a remarkable story about the finding of a massive hoard of ancient gold coins from Roman times. Actually to be more precise, the story is about the dispute of how the "spoils" will be distributed. This is the piece of these stories that I really love. There is always one guy that has been looking for the mother lode all his life, and there is always at least one other party that wants in on the action post find. Now are you are beginning to see the merits of my Cash Trail Map? Funny how my twelve bucks and change has not drawn any claimants!

Anyway, as I was picking up my third cent today (which incidentally I did not have to bend down for, as someone had kindly placed it on top of a parking meter for me), I could not stop thinking about this story. The earliest coins I am going to find on these fine shores will probably be from circa 1600's. I started to formulate a plan to go on a European expedition. Does anyone have any opinions on the viability of such a trip? Would you be interested if I chronicled the trip here on the blog?

As an aside, seeing the Royal Standard as my image for this post got me thinking that Castle Sidewalker looks naked without one! Are there any budding graphic designers out there that would like a shot at making the Sidewalker Standard? If so, they can have their work fluttering regally above the ramparts of Castle Sidewalker to signify my presence at the residence!

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $12.84


Paulky said...

Not much good at art, Mr Sidewalker, but I do have a latin moto for you:

"Veni, Vidi, Minimus Argentum Coadunati"

I came, I saw, I collected loose change.
(Thanks to my friend Michele Fry)

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