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Friday, July 10, 2009

Sidewalker Mailbag #4

We made it through another week. On reflection it was a week of high drama, we had the as yet unconfirmed celebrity coin find. We had a family bug and quarantine, and we have the latest dilemma of the gift card find. One thing is for sure, hanging around Castle Sidewalker is not a dull past time at all. So without further ado let's dip into the Sidewalker mailbag and see what it has to offer us this week.

"I found $0.41 at Wal-Mart in a shopping basket. Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, and Washington, all in a row!"
-jake_Iam from Wisconsin, U.S.A. via Twitter
[LS: I can't tell you how green I turned on getting this tweet. For the coin finding purists out there, this is the ultimate Grand Slam. Congratulations Jake.]

"When commuting by bike(6 miles each way), I did the same thing (bored, I guess)! Easiest to see 'em in the dark, by street lamp."
-dreamon51 somewhere in the Universe via Twitter
[LS: An interesting twist, by cycling I could cover more ground and pick up more coins, alas Lance Armstrong I'm not.]

"@LukeSidewalker haha you're a good guy....I had a dream the other night I found 10 pounds in coins...your influence I'm certain of it!!"
-DON4LD from London, England via Twitter
[LS: Never underestimate the power of the force Donald!]

And of course I would not deprive you of one from the naysayers.

"you will never reach a million... never..."
-dubbledutch from the United Kingdom via Twitter
[LS: Thank you for your opinion. One thing is for sure, if I never try I never will, however I have started, so the jury is out for now.]

I'm planning a road trip next week, so let's see if the fresh location pays dividends.
Have a great weekend.

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $13.11 (plus pending Starbucks resolution)


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