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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hacked Off

You may or may not be aware that two social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook were hacked today as reported here by the BBC. The hackers I'm told create a "botnet" to bombard the host systems with data until they crash. So that is the background, now here is the story.

As you probably know I report all my coin finds in real time via Twitter, so I was a bit miffed that Mrs. Sidewalker did not send me a congratulatory text when she received my first tweet of the day. She does not always send me an encouraging text, but my first find today was a 1940 Wheat Back, and by anyone's standards that is not your garden variety penny. With the right people in the room at an auction this coin could fetch as much as 3 cents as I previously outlined in my numismatic post. Enraged by this text snub I came bursting into Castle Sidewalker demanding that the Lady of the house present herself to me forthwith. After listening to my tirade with a bewildered look on her face she simply laughed (that was not the reaction I was looking for). She told me about the sites being down and sarcastically questioned why a man of my technological prowess would not know that. Then promptly reminded me that less than two months ago I had no idea that Twitter even existed, and then really twisted the dagger by throwing my famous quote from 1999 right back in my face.

And what was that quote I hear you ask? Well it went something like this, "I don't understand what all the fuss is about with this internet thingy, it's only good for getting the weather forecast, other than that it's bloody useless." A decade later I stand corrected...

I'm now going to the Sidewalker laboratory to continue the research and development of my "pennybot".

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $16.09


Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

I use the wheatback pennies, along with any money from another county, in my geomancy jar.

I always joke that those on twitter have no lives (note I did create a twitter account finally last month).

I guess those who do traffic denying hacks on twitter have even less of a life.

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