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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sidewalker Mailbag #5

Finally the Mailbag has been opened again. The last two Fridays have seen the Mailbag get relegated to the back burner here at Castle Sidewalker. Two Fridays ago it was bumped for the article about this blog in The Jersey Journal, then last Friday it went up in smoke as I held an impromptu BBQ to celebrate my first published article on That has led us to this point were we have an unscheduled Monday version of the Sidewalker Mailbag. So before the correspondence turns to dust, like a piece of papyrus from the reign of King Tut, let's rummage around inside the sack and see what we have.

"Just had lunch with @LukeSidewalker, did not know I knew him."
from New Jersey, U.S.A. via Twitter
[LS: Note to self; never forget the cloaking device when lunching with friends that you know, don't know who you are, when you're not being yourself. Well you get the idea right?]

"So Luke IS for real? This changes everything!"
-mikecmusic from New Jersey, U.S.A. via Twitter
[LS: Let me assure you Mike, and anyone else wondering out there, I am very real. This blog is not on auto-pilot even if I wish it was at times.]

"@LukeSidewalker Congrats on making it to $15! My daughter found a quarter at the pool yesterday. :-) She always finds money at the pool."
-SuziesArmoire from Pennsylvania, U.S.A. via Twitter
[LS: Whilst being an avid supporter of minors learning to swim, I cannot condone minesweeping the pool for quarters. Especially if it happens right before I take a dip!]

I must admit that I have struggled this Mailbag to come up with a viable candidate to fulfill my naysayers slot. So I decided to go with this snippet of a longer missive I received by e-mail.

"Dear Mr. Sidewalker. Your punctuation is, frankly, odious. Mine, of course, is without doubt perfect."
-Smiler from London, England via e-mail
[LS: OK "Shakespeare", I admit I'm punctuation-ally challenged. But when you churn out the volume of drivel that I put forth, if I have a reader left at this point I'm guessing they are not overly disturbed by my mal-punctuated paragraphs.]

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $16.22


Paulky said...

I'm no expert, but shouldn't there be a comma after "without doubt" in your naysayers email?

Suzie's Armoire said...

Thanks for the mention! Just wanted to clarify that the Wee One usually has her eyes peeled to the ground around the picnic tables/concession stand at the pool. Although she sometimes does retrieve money from the bottom of the pool. And apparently she finds a lot around the check-out registers at Target. Perhaps we need to start her a coin jar...

Anonymous said...

The Sidewalker mailbag is my FAVOURITE section!

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