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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sexy Finance?

Yesterday after my decision to buy a CD with the Sidewalker Fund proceeds, I alluded to the fact that finance could not be sexy. In fact you could make a good argument that the title to this post is an oxymoron. However I've never seen an argument I didn't want to take the other side of, so yesterday afternoon I did some research in an effort to disprove myself. (Have I lost you yet? Because it is sure as hell confusing me!)

Off I went on my merry way into the blogosphere, and to my great surprise I found that some sectors of finance can indeed be sexy (just not getting rich slowly). As you all know by now my mission is to get rich at a snails pace, one cent at a time, by picking up coins I find on the sidewalk. My blog is not about asset allocation, retirement planning, college tuition etc. Which enables me to give the following recommendation without fear of losing my 'reader'(you know who you are)!

I came across a blog about budgets and budgeting in general. It is a subject I barely touch upon, but it is something we all should take an interest in. I just thought it was a bit boring that is why I have never taken up the torch. I stand corrected, so let me introduce you to the blog in question by clicking the link below:

Budgets Are Sexy

It is a well written blog scribed by a guy that goes by the name of J.Money, and to be quite honest a very clean looking blog. (I think I need a revamp of my layout, but that is a post for another day). The writing style can be a little edgy at times, but then again it's not called Budgets for Kids!

Anyway, it's proof positive that some aspects of finance can be sexy...

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $22.91


J. Money said...

Damn straight - you get those financials in order and the women (or men) will flock over you ;) Appreciate the kind words my friend, thx for linking over.

Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

Never thought of it that way but I've clicked the link and off to read. By the way, the picture you used is from one of my favorite movies.

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