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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sixth Cents

I had to take a trip out today and I had the choice to walk or drive. I must have had a premonition as I decided to walk and ended up 6 cents richer for the experience. Actually I'm a little bit better off than even that 6 cents would suggest, as I saved on gas by walking, eliminated parking costs, and got a little exercise thrown in for free! Detroit won't like it, but maybe the answer to a lot of our current problems could be solved by walking instead of driving!

It is a simple equation:

Walking = Finding Opportunity + Gas Saving + Health Benefit

As always the location of today's finds can be found on the map to the right.

Anybody out there found any cash recently? Let me know.

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current Balance $6.40


epwait said...

I found $.45 this week and on President Lincoln B-day I found a $5.00 weird yes. I didn't think of mentioning this until you asked in this post.

Luke Sidewalker said...

Very nice find epwait. That is a total of $5.45, you have almost caught up with me! Let's see who gets to a $100 first! Good luck.

Baby Katie said...

Mr Sidewalker,

As a UK follower of your quest, I thought I'd drop you a note about the increased opportunities for neglected money over here.

You may or may not know that the UK government recently reduced the VAT rate from 17.5% to 15% in a vain attempt to regain control of the downwardly spiralling economy. This has impacted the price of many goods by a very small amount. For example, in my canteen at work, a cup of tea used to retail at a tidy sum of 45 pence; post VAT reduction, the cost of a cuppa is now 44 pence, hence creating many loose 1p coins.

Add this to the factor that my employer is a keen participant in the 'hot desking' phenomena and BINGO! I change desks approximately 3 times a week and more often than not there is a pile of unwanted coppers for the taking.

Perhaps I shall start my own UK based quest and do a study on how the VAT reduction has impacted the volume of cash nuggets to be discovered in the UK?

I'll keep you posted.

Baby Katie, UK.

Luke Sidewalker said...

Thank you for stopping by Baby Katie. It would appear that "hot desking" has created an unforeseen benefit in your place of work congratulations.

Please keep us informed of your progress.

As I think you say over there, cheers!

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