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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mets Meltdown

As the Mets go, so goes Luke Sidewalker not, thank god. I finally got time to go and see my Mets in their new swanky digs at Taxpayer Field. The Mets have been running good winning four straight until I showed up and poured cold water on their hot streak, the Florida Marlins coming away with a comfortable 7-3 victory. However my pilgrimage to the Mets "Parish Church" as opposed to the Yankees "Cathedral" was not without its rewards. I picked up a very respectable 13 cents, to be fair it did not make much of a dent into my $4.75 soda and $5 hot dog but that is modern day baseball for you. The locations of the finds can be found on my Cash trail map to the right, maybe you can figure out how I got to and from CitiField just by analyzing my finding patterns. There will be a big shout out in the next post to anyone who leaves the correct answer in the comments section below, so if you want some free publicity take a stab at it!

In other news today, it is the Sidewalker's 6th wedding anniversary... I have just been informed, oops!

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $10.15


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