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Friday, May 29, 2009

The trickle down effect

The torrent of cash that appeared to be falling from the heavens to the sidewalks in front of me has been reduced to what can only be described as a trickle at best. Since the euphoria of breaking $10.00 only one measly cent has been added to the total. The faucet of free cash has been well and firmly turned off.

I feel I have to address an issue that has been brought to my attention by several skeptics. They have mentioned to me that they think my 1,000th cent find was a plant! To them I say review the video. If you look closely you can see the penny was covered in dust, and if in fact it was a plant (which it wasn't), it would have had to have been planted a very long time ago, and then lay undiscovered long enough to accumulate dust before my re acquaintance with said penny. It's all a bit "magic bullet" really when you think about it. So I suggest to the naysayers never question the integrity of a Sidewalker find. If I used plants I would have more than $10.00 after 18 months!

Staycation update: Still in Holland!

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $10.01


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