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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cellular World

The other day I received the following email:

Dear Commander Sidewalker,
I noticed that a good percentage of finds take place in front of bars or restaurants.
How do you attribute this? Is this one of your tips for those who may take up the cause of becoming rich slowly? Or are you just a fan of boozing and eating?
Just curious.

-BGK Jersey City, New Jersey, USA.

First off let me just say I love the "Commander Sidewalker" label, flattery will get you everywhere! This reader is very observant and must have been checking out my Cash Trail Map in the side bar to the right. I do indeed find a lot of coins outside of bars and restaurants, and as always I have my theories, correct or otherwise. In this day and age the vast majority of people carry cellular phones, when they ring in a bar or restaurant they dash outside and rip their iPhone from their pocket with accompanying loose change falling on the floor like confetti at a wedding. They start to bend down to pick up the change but because the average attention span is measured in nano-seconds these days (are you still with me!?) they get sidetracked talking about the latest elimination on American Idol. The conversation then concludes, phone back in pocket, return to bar, coins left on ground for Luke.

Now onto the second part of the e-mail. Yes, I used to be a big fan of drinking and eating out (and during those days you can assume that I was not a penny-finder), but not so much so these days since Sidewalker Jr. and Little Miss Sidewalker took up residence at Castle Sidewalker. It is safe to say I have gone from being a net dropper to a net picker-upper; but just to keep it all relative, that does not cover the cost of having two extra permanent residents at the castle!

Staycation update: Still stuck in the Netherlands!

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $11.77


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