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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Karmic Merry-Go-Round

For every Ying there is a Yang, for every Zig, a Zag. The forces of Karma are relentless in their search for equilibrium. And so it came to pass today that I had to take my medicine and address some imbalances in my Karma account. I was doing nothing more sinister than buying a bagel, but sometimes a simple task such as this, is all Karma needs in order to make it's presence felt.

Allow me to set the scene for you. The bagel has been ordered and I have it in custody, off I go to the cashier. I hand over three crisp dollar bills to settle the $2.49 transaction, and the cashier gives me two quarters and a penny in change. Nothing too crazy there right? Wrong. On closer inspection I see that my change is one quarter, one penny, and one whole Hong Kong Dollar. Struggling to contain my elation at the mistake the "dimwit" in the deli had made, I rushed home to share the news of my windfall with Mrs. Sidewalker. Well let me tell you, on returning to Castle Sidewalker it did not take long for that elation to turn to deflation and then spiral into full blown self-loathing misery! The reason for the mood swing? The ever pragmatic Mrs. Sidewalker pointed out that my one Hong Kong Dollar coin was worth about 13 cents US, leaving me as the dimwit and 12 cents out of pocket. I think that was Karma trying to balance out for my post on how to deal with finding foreign coins. Now if I can only resist the urge to shove that Hong Kong Dollar coin into the nearest parking meter my Karma account should be in good standing!

In other news, I'd like to thank Peter Backx for his very generous article about my blog that can be read by clicking this link to Streamhead. Meanwhile my search for a footwear sponsor continues, so if you know of any company that may be interested please let me know...

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $11.77


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