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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Alas poor change jar...

Unfortunately I have some very sad news to relay today. It started this morning when I noticed that Sidewalker Jr. was a little antsy, so I suggested he join me on a field trip to help ease away the blues (and to bribe him into finishing his Cheerios for breakfast). I requested he ride shotgun for me as we took the Sidewalker Fund to the bank, and I would let him poor it all (ex-the '57 Wheat Back) into the change counting machine. Don't worry all you child safety police out there, shotgun in the Sidewalker jalopy is a child seat in the rear passenger side all nicely anchored and safely strapped in!

Anyway, we arrive at the bank. The Fund gets poured from the change jar into the counter by Sidewalker Jr., who is by now much happier, and visibly proud as it counts every hard-found penny we had. We proceed to get a deposit ticket then fill it out and with a receipt from the change machine go to the teller to complete our transaction.

The trip was a resounding success,we even found a penny on the way back to the car. On returning to Castle Sidewalker, Jr. rushes in to show off the new find. Mrs. Sidewalker tells him to put it in the change jar as we are starting anew, at which point I look at Jr. and he looks at me... CHANGE JAR!

Now we obviously had it at the cash counting machine, and I vaguely remember it at the deposit ticket desk, although not so much at the teller. Not to worry I say, I'll give the bank a call. I ask them if anyone has handed in an old jar, "No" is the reply. Oh. I say it must be at the deposit ticket desk, then the words hit me like a freight train, "No Sir there is no jar there either".

That jar had been with me for decades, it was like a trusty friend, always on my bed side table, the last thing I saw every night just as I was setting my alarm clock. The saddest part is, I've had to use an archive photo for this post, as I don't even have an original of my now departed vessel.

The flags will be at half-mast for the rest of the week at Castle Sidewalker. I took this opportunity to teach Jr., that just because something has always been there, doesn't mean it always will be there.

I looked into the replacement cost, (not that it can ever be replaced) somewhere in the region of $20, oh well...

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $14.77


Anonymous said...

luke you are one of my favorite twitters to follow / a person can never have to much cents has always been one of mottos / i dont search the city for pennies but i will pick them up / instead of cashing mine in they are in jars all around the house / even have a glas 5 gallon water bottle with some in it / mom family thinks i dont have much sense and i feel i dont have enough cents either / good luck

Luke Sidewalker said...

Thank you Anon for the kind words. A 5 gallon water bottle, that is impressive! I don't think that would fit on my bed side table though! keep up the good work, and spread the word.

-Luke Sidewalker

mrsb said...

I would print out a picture and make a missing poster. Maybe the bank would let you post it.

Luke Sidewalker said...

Thanks Mrs B.,
That is one option, but they would probably charge me for it! You know how banks are these days.

Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog by the way, and it really grabbed the attention of Mrs. Sidewalker.

-Luke Sidewalker

mrsb said...

Yes, you are right, they probably would charge.

And thanks for the kind words! I've introduced Mr. B. to your blog, as well! Tell Mrs. Sidewalker hello for me :O)

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