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Monday, July 6, 2009

Celebrity Coinage?

Of late I have not been blogging on individual coin finds, unless they have been out of the ordinary. This holiday weekend Mrs. Sidewalker had such a find. Not only was it a big haul (45 cents no less) but the location and size of the find leads me to believe that it may be our first celebrity coin find!

Hoboken, N.J. is the location of Carlo's Bake Shop, the HQ of TLC's very own Cake Boss. Behind the shop is a back alley for deliveries and it is here that Mrs. Sidewalker found the four dimes and a nickel. The exact location can be seen on my Cash Trail Map in the sidebar to the right. I hope the Cake Boss does not read this blog, otherwise I may be getting an offer I can't refuse in the not too distant future! As long as it involves pastries (which are absolutely fantastic from there) and nothing to do with sleeping with the fishes in the Hudson River I won't mind too much!

So we are left with more questions than answers. Was this indeed our first case of celebrity coinage? What was Mrs. Sidewalker doing loitering by the delivery entrance of a "Bakery to the Stars" on a Sunday? There is much head scratching to be done at Castle Sidewalker today.

I'll leave you with a Sidewalker factoid of the day. The Cake Boss made the Sidewalker wedding cake! I can hear you thinking that is not very frugal having your wedding cake made by a celebrity chef. On the contrary, when you have it made many years before the chef achieves celebrity status it can be a great talking point at social gatherings! Seems a shame we ate it now...

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $12.77


The Old Man said...

Hey there. Just saw one of your Google ads -- for a coin place in my old home town. No joke! At least, I don't think there is more than one town by the name... I COULD be wrong.

Living out in the country, as I do, there's little to be had, although one day I did dig up a copper grounding rod. Maybe you can find my car keys? I got 40 acres for you to tread! :)

Luke Sidewalker said...

If the Sidewalker fund ever grows large enough to invest in a metal detector I will take you up on that offer!

-Luke Sidewalker

Mister C said...

perhaps a hungry customer chose to toss the coins as opposed to the cookies.... hunger makes a person do crazy things.

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