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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Anyone for tennis?

About a month ago I wrote an article for about the value of a penny. Much to my embarrassment it was rather well received and so the good people at FiLife have invited me to submit another article. This time I will go on the road to the US Tennis Open at Flushing Meadows New York to write about the general experience, ticket prices, costs at the concession stands etc.

So doing one article was fun, but now doing a second does that make me a journalist? Is there a Pulitzer Prize for random ramblings of a penny finding sidewalker? If so I must be an early front runner. Don't worry I won't get carried away, Mrs. Sidewalker will be on hand as soon as I show the first signs of bloaty-head syndrome...

Anyway, we are still away, but I have tentative plans to attend the US Open on September 4th on a fact finding mission. I'll let you know if it happens and of course if my article gets published.

This is another auto post. I won't know if it has worked until I return.

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $18.30


blueviolet said...

I hope you're having fun!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to another of your articles. I think you're to be called a freelance writer or freelance reporter. If you get paid for your articles you're to be called a freakin' GREAT freelancer! lol I really do look forward to the weaving of the words.

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