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Monday, August 3, 2009

Red Bank, N.J. : A Sidewalkers Perspective

The Sidewalker's were back on the road again Friday. We had arranged to have a sleepover with some good friends that had previously lived within the long shadows cast by Castle Sidewalker, but had managed to escape to the suburbs in Red Bank, New Jersey.

As we left Friday I sat tantalizingly 2 cents short of my $15 target for July. I was worried that Red Bank would prove to be barren changeless wasteland. How wrong I was! I strolled into town to have lunch with a friend that also had escaped to the burbs. I was a little early so I took the opportunity to check the place out. Red Bank is twice the size, by area, of my normal hunting grounds in Hoboken, but it has about one third of the population. Let me lay out a few facts for the sidewalking purists amongst you. The sidewalks of Red bank are not the largest and they are paved in red brick, which nicely disguises the copper coins, but creates a very short floor-life for coins of the silver variety. Another observation I made was that Red Bank must have more benches per capita than any other city in America, and we all know that where there are benches, there are coins!

I was looking to find 2 cents in Red Bank, and I managed to find 41 cents. With my target handily reached it was off to The Dublin House for a spot of lunch with my friend who happens to be a graphic designer. I mentioned to him that I had a blog, and I was in the market for a logo. When I told him I was Luke Sidewalker he spat his drink out and nearly fell off his chair! He said, "You're Luke Sidewalker. I love that guy, I follow him on Twitter. I had no idea." It made me laugh that he then proceeded to talk as if Luke was not present in the room; and there I was sitting right across the table from him!

One last Sidewalker tip for anyone visiting Red bank, there are two bridges out of town over the Navesink River; make sure you take the correct one or you could find yourself walking two miles in the wrong direction...

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $15.44


mrsb said...

Glad you made your goal! I enjoy excursions to Red Bank - really a nice place to visit.

Luke Sidewalker said...

It was indeed a very nice town, and the coin finds just kept getting better and better. First a penny here, a penny there. Then a couple of pennies at a time, then a dime, then a quarter. It reached a crescendo, a bit like a firework display!

-Luke Sidewalker

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