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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sidewalking in Antarctica

It is not often I ask for help from you, but today I have a request. My good friend The Vulcanologist is attempting to go on a geological expedition to Antarctica and he needs your help.

He is so determined to get on the trip he is happy to waive his anonymity in the process. I told him I would do this on the understanding that all cash finds on his trip would be sequestered to the Sidewalker Fund! Then he told me the trip was to Antarctica, hmmm not many coins dropped there, and if they are dropped they are soon covered in snow. So we came to a compromise. He would find me a pet rock from the unspoiled continent and it could become my familiar that I've been searching for. Plus the added bonus of, if he is there, he and his tons of rocks will not be moving apartments (again).

So enough blather, this is what needs to be done. You need to click the link below, register and vote for Mark Couch. Thanks in advance from me and The Vulcanologist for all of those that participate.

Also any promotion of this endeavor amongst your network would be very much appreciated. I think he needs this to go viral, in order to have a shot!

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $20.94


LJ said...

Vote submitted! I hope he makes it!

mrsb said...


Though I did get to the point that I wanted to reach through the computer and punch the Captcha thingy. Good gosh, if you want me to retype something, make it so I can read the darn thing!

Good luck on the pet rock thing. I think this one could be a winner!

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