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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A 'Familiar' Story

It is not a closely guarded secret around these parts that I'm always looking for ways to improve the blog, and let's face it I have a lot of scope to work with. I have been cruising around the internet checking out other successful blogs and I noticed a lot of the bloggers have pets or "familiars" as they are sometimes referred to. Often there will be a weekly feature surrounding the pet with accompanying photos. For example there is Tanner the irascible cat of Mrs. B. Also there is Chuck the cheeky canine over at If I want to compete with the blogging heavyweights then Castle Sidewalker needs a familiar. So the other day I told Sidewalker Jr. to saddle up because we were going on a trip to the pet store.

On the way I had a chat with Jr. about what pet we should get. Maybe we could get a parrot, they always seem to make people laugh. Perhaps we could get something a little more orthodox like a cat or a dog. Or should we go exotic, and get a jaguar to roam the grounds of the Castle. We could even get a bird of prey, it could kill the rats in the dungeon and be our pet, what a bargain (Right about now I can imagine Mrs. Sidewalker regretting she did not join us on the trip).

We entered the pet store and spoke to a very nice assistant there. She asked what our budget was? I replied sheepishly "$18.07", before adding "maybe a little more if we go for a quick walk and get lucky". She pointed out that they only had one pet in our price range. It was a goldfish. Hm I thought, not quite what I was thinking but it could work. Although it would not be roaming the corridors of the Castle I could still make a weekly feature for "Goldie" the goldfish. Then I analyzed it a little further trying to consider how I would keep the readers interest with a weekly pictorial post. Week one, Goldie playing in the seaweed. Week two, Goldie hiding in the fake sunken treasure chest. Week three, Goldie getting sucked into the water filtration system... Week four, Jr. and I going back to the pet store!

So I broke it gently to Jr. that we were leaving the pet store empty handed this time. He was a little down, at least for five minutes until I gave him an ice pop. Mrs. Sidewalker greeted us back at the Castle with great relief seeing us empty handed. She knows that is a good result when Jr. and I have been let loose together without proper instruction!

After further reflection perhaps we should get a tortoise and name him "Speedy". Does anyone know how much they cost?

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $18.22


SeekingPlumb said...

You could try Kijiji or craigslist for free cats or dogs or? :)

Ametisti Kuu said...

What about a pet rock? the upkeep is very affordable and as you are always looking done when you are walking anyway, you could rescue a stray on one of your treks.

Ametisti Kuu said...

sorry...meant you are looking down

Anonymous said...

The pet store wasn't the place to start. The animal shelter was the place. How funny that you took Jr. on this wonderful excursion only to have an $18.07 budget. He'll probably be scarred for life. Don't feel bad. Most of us have these childhood horror stories to tell. And there is always the chance, after all, that all he'll remember in later years will be the ice pop.

mrsb said...

I like the pet rock idea. Maybe you could take a picture of it with each find!

And I'm pretty sure there has been no scarring for life involved.

There's actually a name for children who get "scarred for life" when they don't get something at the store that they want. It's called "spoiled", lol! I'm sure your kids, with their lessons on the importance of change, are anything but :O)

Anonymous said...

Oh oh. Viejatwit here. It never occurred to me that somebody would take my "scarred for life" comment as being anything but facetious. It's my sick sense of humor. But, yeah, no. Sometime I'll relate my pet bunny story. I wasn't spoiled but maybe just a little scarred when I found out years later the two furry things hadn't really run away. I always wondered how they got out of the cage, down the stairs, and onto the city streets without being seen and returned. I wasn't a very bright little kid. Still "anonymous" because I'm not a very bright adult either.

Luke Sidewalker said...

I try my best with the kids, and for the most part they are cheerful bundles of fun.

I'm considering the pet rock for sure. It would be a blast from the past. I vaguely remember having one as a child circa '77!

-Luke Sidewalker

Anonymous said...

Ooh another clue to your identity there Sidewalker, soon you will be OUTED!

Luke Sidewalker said...

Not to worry, no offense taken. One of the hardest things to do is convey sentiment in text. Something we have all struggled with at some point in time.

-Luke Sidewalker

mrsb said...

Oop, sorry! Didn't mean to sound pissy! I was just teasing. Drat typing and it's inability to show humor! Sometimes those darn little smiley faces just come off looking sarcastic....

Anyhoo, Luke, I wanted to let you know that one of the horde was inspired to take on her own sidewalking adventures! You are starting a whole new way of life here, lol!

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