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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Return of the Loyal Correspondent

You may remember about a month ago I had a particularly entertaining email from a self described Loyal Correspondent. We deduced he/she is from overseas and more than likely from the United Kingdom, due to his/her references of V.A.T. (Value Added Tax) which is their version of G.S.T.

Well, my published article last week about The Black Holes of Currency has once again drawn this mystery correspondent out of his/her hole.

I received the following email from them:

Dear Lord Sidewalker,

I suggest you stand next to a ‘hand-cranked press-a-penny souvenir machine’ with a large bag of foil wrapped chocolate pennies. By substituting the real thing for the much loved confection you will save the US legal system many headaches and also make a mint!!

As ever, your loyal correspondent…

LS: I thought this a very witty and ingenious suggestion to the issues I outlined in the article. However, it seems that our Loyal Correspondent has little knowledge of how attorneys operate here. Far from reducing their headaches, they spend most of their energies in seeking 'headaches' in order to rack up the billable hours.

My suggestion to cure the US legal system of 'many headaches' is very simple and easy to implement. Whenever a court case is found to be frivolous, just disbar the attorney representing the plaintiff. In no time at all we will have a more efficient and headache free legal system...

As long as the Loyal Correspondent keeps providing this humorous content, I'm left wondering whether or not to give them a regular guest spot here at the Sidewalker Journal. What do you think?

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $24.06


blueviolet said...

That was pretty witty and I enjoyed your response as well!

Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

Yes, do keep the mysterious Loyal Correspondent. As to your solution, genius!

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