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Friday, May 8, 2009

Incoming In-Laws

I have the in-laws coming to visit for a week or so. They are going to look after the kids while Mrs. Sidewalker and I attend a wedding in Florida next weekend. So keep an eye on my cash trail map and hopefully you will see some markers from some Floridian finds. I have left them with strict instructions that the children's safety is paramount unless of course they see some money on the sidewalk, in which case they must do all in their power to get it!

I have found a couple of pennies since the last post, nothing stunning just your run-of-the-mill finds. I'm slowly closing in on the $9 mark. Also my Staycation is still rooted in The Netherlands, the good people of Antigua and Barbuda must be too busy relaxing in the sun to visit my blog, to be honest I don't blame them.

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $8.98


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