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Friday, June 19, 2009

Heads or Tails?

Whether or not to pick up a coin that is showing tails? That is the 64 cent question today. A lot of people have contacted me to say they would not pick up a coin showing tails because it brings bad luck. Now I do not live a life without superstitions, but not picking up a tailed coin is definitely not one of them. As you are well aware, I'm on the slow track to riches ($11.36 in ~18 months). I could not possibly afford myself the luxury of this superstition without severely compromising my mission.

The basis of this superstition is best described thus;
Heads for good luck, tails for bad luck. Especially when coins showed the faces of a ruling monarch, it was an easy step to the idea that face up meant the spirit of the ruler looked favorably on your wish or bet. -As described on

I think the person who got the masses to believe that picking up a tailed coin is bad luck was in all probability an ancestor of mine. He was probably just as broke as I am and considered this little piece of scaremongery a stroke of Sidewalker genius, and a little something for future generations of Sidewalkers to reap the benefits!

Either way keep on walking by those tailed coins as it leaves more for me to find and further bolster the Sidewalker Fund.

I leave you superstitious types with this question though. How superstitious are you? If you came across a tailed silver dollar in the street...

Have a great weekend.

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $11.36



Dealz said...

You cant be picky or worry about luck with an economy like this. I'd pick it up from either side. :) Check out my blogs. :)

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