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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Law of Unintended Consequences

"Unintended consequences", now that is a term that has been tossed around recently by the mainstream media in reference to the bailouts of the financial system. As my march to a million had a rain delay this weekend I was left gazing out of the upper-most window of the citadel at Castle Sidewalker pondering whether or not I had any of these unforeseen outcomes in my quest.

Below is the description of the law by Konrad J. Friedemann (you might have to wait for another rainy weekend if you want me to find out who this guy is!):

“the proposition that every undertaking, however well-intentioned, is
generally accompanied by unforeseen repercussions that can overshadow
the principal endeavor.”

And if you require further reading on the subject, a good place to start is this entry at Wikipedia.

I can imagine you sitting there reading this and scratching your head thinking, what has this got to do with picking cash up off the sidewalk? Well allow me to be the beacon of light in your hitherto foggy Monday morning. If you look over to the left you will see my last Twitter post has my running total at $11.66 (at the time of publishing). However, in choosing to walk (see post: Sixth Cents) in order to collect these orphaned coins, the result has been an accelerated deterioration of my footwear (twice the normal rate) and with a replacement cost of over $40 a time; well you don't have to be Einstein to see where I'm going with this...

The quest continues for now, but my frugal genes leave me deliberating the wisdom of continuing after the impact of this unintended consequence on my wallet.

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $11.66



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