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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Trading Places

This morning I came across an interesting blog. Some of you may already be familiar with it, it is the story of a guy, Kyle MacDonald, who started with one red paperclip and traded his way up to a house. He is now looking to trade that house, which got my mind ticking over. I have contacted him with a proposal. I have offered the full assets and balance sheet of the Sidewalker Fund in exchange for the house; that is not only the cash balance of $12.30, but all the royalties from my short movies, and all the Sidewalker image rights as well. If he drives a hard bargain I may well throw in Sidewalker Jr. and Little Miss Sidewalker as well!

I'm not saying I've had enough of Castle Sidewalker, but it does get tiresome herding the whole family into the dungeon for the winter, as it is the warmest room in the place. Also the air conditioning (a.k.a the three missing bricks in the North facing facade) lets in a lot of water during thunderstorms, but the place does have "character" in spades, and if the deal goes through we will be leaving with a heavy heart. I hope the new occupants will remember to feed the bats.

Having just previewed this post and reading what I have done, written down here in black and white, has got me feeling buyers remorse already and I haven't even heard back from Mr. Red Paperclip yet! In the current real estate environment I think I may have offered too much. Does anyone know how to retract a voice mail...?

In other news, the State of California is about to start printing IOU's. If only the grocery store would accept Sidewalker IOU's, but that is a post for another day.

-Luke Sidewalker
-Current balance $12.30


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